Energy & Bodywork

A note from Stephanie Salazar…

Hello! I am the integrative health practitioner at Aspen Wellness and I want to tell you a little about myself. For over 14 years I have been a licensed massage therapist. In 2005, I earned the very first Bachelors of Science in the USA in Integrative Health Studies at the Espanola Valley Northern New Mexico College. I then moved to Santa Fe and opened a private practice called InnHerSoul. Treatments cost just $65/hour or $40/half hour and are modified to each individual’s constitution. Treatments can be received with clothes on and are tailored to your own comfort level. Each session is unique. As an Integrative Health Therapist, my goal is to combine as many modalities necessary to get to the root of any issues you may be dealing with. Essential oils, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, and sound healing with tuning forks are just a few of the additional modalities that may be used during any given treatment.

Check our website frequently for integrative health classes, training opportunities, and weekend chair massage events. Please also be aware that I am an advocate for and distributor of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Tiny trial size bottles are available as well as 3 oz size bottles. Click the link below for a list of the oils and prices or visit our center to learn more.

I look forward to seeing you progress in health and spirit and I’m proud to be part of the team here at Aspen Wellness!

– Stephanie

List of essential oils and prices

List of treatment modalities available (prices may vary)